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PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2011 9:27 am 

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I was looking over the Die Men! rules, as one of my players has requested that we have some big battles before the end of the campaign. They look very cool and promising, but one thing that's not mentioned within thme is how morale attacks and/or mass damage spells interact with the system (I'm using Reign with the Exalted setting, where area attack sorcery spells are quite common, e.g. fill a 30 yard wide, 100 yard long cone with obsidian flakes that cut everyone within the area, and several of the PCs have access to powerful morale attacks and spells like this).

One option I've though of is to have morale attacks/mass damage spells just kill 1 unit, like archery attacks. The problem with this though is that damage spell cast by my sorcerer suddenly kills a lot more people when unit sizes are 100 rather than 2 and unlike Archery attacks, this spell is being created by 1 character regardless of the unit size. I'm not normally massively fussed by simulationing the game world precisely, but this goes a bit too far and makes my head hurt.

Another option is to work out how many individuals an effect would remove in non-Die Men situations and just tally that off against the units in the hex (e.g. if the morale attack would send 10 unworthies running, it will remove 2 units of 5 men). The obvious problems here are the extra maths and trying to work out what effect removing less than a complete unit has.

Does anyone have ideas on how better to integrate morale attacks and big damage spells into Die Men? Thanks in advance :).

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2011 1:19 pm 
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That does sound like something that ought to get sorted, doesn't it? I'll ponder and cogitate...


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