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A player scatters nightmares across an entire city, stops a riot with sonic waves or sifts through every mind in the nation for a memory of Zipperneck, birthing a dark energy heir in the process.

Here´s a quick generator to let GMs who enjoy that kind of thing, randomize who this new talent is. No stats here- just personal details to put on top of a generic npc.
The GM still has to figure what this means in the way of Career, passions and loyalties.

With two loose dice tables, for diversity.

-Unusual Life Situation-
1x2 Artist
Any form or art. An aspiring actor, guy who makes political murals with old stamps ?
A Subway busker?

1x3 Stigmatized
Someone censured by society; an ex-con, mental patient or political dissident. Maybe under investigation for crimes, or bankrupt.

1x4 Missionary
An agitator for a political, religious or social movement.
A vegan activist, airport moonie, union organizer, or local fundraiser.

1x5 Administrator
Someone with responsibility- running a boy scout chapter, a multinational ad agency or a cricket team.

Unusual Past-
2x2 Needy
An individual that needs validation from others to assuage self-doubt. Without people who encourage him/ her, this NPC becomes unsure and might back out.

2x3 Harmonious
The NPC is an unusually grounded, steady individual, reflected by the Stability skill or higher than normal Willpower. Probably a result of a safe, loving family upbringing.

2x4 Trauma
The NPC has a traumatic, unresolved experience in his/ her backround which still plays a major part in his/ her emotional life. A divorce, bankrupcy or nasty schoolyard bullying?

2x5 Revenge
A feeling of having been badly treated makes the NPC eager for revenge on some individual or group. A professor, or the IRS or an ethnic group? Or a richer sister ?


3x2 Goal
The NPC is working to achieve a goal, maybe a degree, becoming a pro athlete or lay preacher or maybe just to stop smoking and drop those extra pounds.

3x3 Obligation
NPC has, or feels he he has, an obligation to a person or group. The charity who paid for his surgery, mobster who bailed him out, or the failing family business.

3x4 Trouble
A jail term ? Years of reconstructive surgery, or a growing debt? Maybe a divorce or foreign deployment. The NPC knows something really unpleasant is coming in his life.

3x5 Life project
The NPC is determined to fulfill a dream so big, it will take a lifetime, and skill and luck, too. Become pope? Boink a hundred supermodels ? End world hunger ? Something big.

-Physically Unusual-
4x2 Young
A kid, maybe a teenager. The NPC is young enough that it is chilling to consider them wielding superpowers. A five-year old ? A thirteen year old goth skater ?

4x3 Old
A senior citizen super ? Someone in their late sixties or older, and with the personality and onset of health problems this entails. Supergrandma ! With 8HD Harm !

4x4 Sickly
An individual afflicted with major, untreatable health problems. Wheelchair-bound ? Blind ? Or a serious immune deficiency, maybe?

4x5 Serious handicap.
Or other unusual and extremely debilitating congenital condition and the life experiences that go with it. Downs syndrome ? Blindness ? Or any major physical deformity.

-Mentally Unusual-
5x2 Low self esteem
This NPC feels inadequate and unsure of himself. If he can choose, he prefers to fade into the background, rather than be the focus of other peoples attention.

5x3 Loner
A person who avoids the company of others, socially. It might be a crippling shyness, frustration with their stupidity, or just someone who can´t be bothered, anymore.

5x4 Slow-witted
Reacting to new situations is difficult and frustrating for this NPC, and he handles known, repetitive tasks better. Faced with decisions, he tends to freeze.

5x5 Compulsive
This NPC has one or several obsessive-compulsive traits. Germophobic ? Desperate to keep every newspaper stacked in order ? Must count to six before leaving every room?

-Societally Unusual-
6x2 Minority
Member of a generally accepted, but distinct minority that people feel free to have opinions about. Orthodox jew? Lesbian? First generation Somali ?

6x3 Immigrant
A year in at most, and uneasily resolving a hefty culture shock. Indian engineer in Texas? Or a german running a hotel in Baghdad, or lapsed amish running a Bangkok STD clinic.

6x4 Illegal immigrant
A paperless immigrant, working undocumented jobs and avoiding the attention of the authorities. Maybe in debt to the smugglers, kids to support abroad, and no healthcare.

6x5 Elite
Among the most fortunate in the land, with a name and connections that opens doors and keeps things pleasant. Eurotrash ? A soap opera actor ? Or just old-money and WASP ?

-Beholden, Emotionally-

7x2 Child
The NPC has the main responsibility for a child (or feels that way). It can also be a child from a previous relationship, or a teacher determined to help a troubled kid in her class.

7x3 Parent
The NPC has a parent or parents that need a lot of support. Or maybe he just has´nt managed to establish an adult relationship with his parents yet ?

7x4 Lover
The NPC has an unusually strong emotional attachment to a spouse or lover. At this level, this is possibly an unhealthy dependence in the relationship.

7x5 Boss
Some sort of authority figure has an unusually (and probably unreasonably) strong influence over the character. A local priest, or a sports coach or an older brother, maybe.

-Beholden, Socially-

8x2 Political
Active participation in a political cause; at least on the level of community work and hanging fliers, all the way up to staging rallies and travelling to protests cross-country.

8x3 Religious
Religion is a major part of this NPCs life- as a personal path to salvation, a cause to be championed, or maybe as a menace to be fought- but religion is at the centre.

8x4 Talent-affected.
Racially reassigned by Reddy March, a carrier of Selarosis Maxillae (what happens when one of them gets powers?) or a victim of Jarvis West… Or just an injured bystander.

8x5 Talent-hater
It might be primal fear, or disgust for the Shavians, or a family loss due to (or easily blameable on) a Dark Energy users. Or just missing life before all them magic freaks.

-Personal Problem-

9x2 Social addiction
A heavy smoker or seriously into WoW, or someone with an unhealthy attitude to pain pills or khat, or who can´t go two days without a bucket of fried chicken and a XXL coke.

9x3 Vice
This NPC is hooked on a serious vice like “recreational” drug use, gambling, binge drinking or prostitutes, with all the inherent nasty life experiences, debts and jail time.

9x4 Survivor
In recovery, one day at a time, trying to fix his life and his teeth and maybe get some kind of job, hoping to regain some trust from his family and not relapse to the booze or dope.

9x5 Addict
Big time; crack-smoking or needle heroin. Or a full-blown vino ? Maybe an illegal sexual fetish, or extreme mental compulsion like a surgery addict. Should make a fun super…

0x2 Criminal past
Misspent youth carjacking or two years for embezzling ? A permanent record and on shaky ground with society, but still with a shot at flying straight and getting past it.

0x3 Kleptomaniac
A compulsive thief and hoarder. Used stereos, car transmissions, hawaiian shirts in bulk.
Either an enterprising fence, or just conforted by having stuff. Lots of stuff.

0x4 Pervert
A sentence for a sex crime and on the offenders´ list. Repentant and in therapy, or angily working for his appeal. Or shoplifting duct tape and saving up for night vision goggles…

0x5 `path.
A genuine psycopath or sociopath. Possibly diagnosed as such already. But definitely with a trail of damaged, angry and frightened people in their past.

Loose dice, table I

1 Love troubles
Unrequited love, or a spouse having an affair… or just back together with a partner that has more baggage than Paris Hilton?

2 Caught up in recent events.
Big riot downtown, or a fire, or a massive protest march ? Had to evacuate, cause of the flood ? Might even have had to run for cover when some Talents duked it out. Stressful!

3 Enigma
It´s weird and unsettling and the NPC can´t figger it. An unknown car key in his pocket. People say they saw his mom, but she´s dead. His boss seems to think they´ve had sex…

4 Competition
Struggling with a contest of some form, trying not to lose. Top salesman gets the Waikiki franchise ? Shortlist for “The Bachelor” ? New sushi joint killing your walk-in business?

5 Opportunity
Theres a chance to do something, an unexpected opportunity to join a band, or go to Sweden ? A first gay encounter ? Star in a no budget movie? Or just unattended cash?

6 Journey
The NPC is making / about to make a significant journey of some sort. Visiting an estranged mother ? Going to Lourdes ? Travelling to the bank to ask for a loan extension?

7 Hospitalized
Hairline wrist fracture or a bad fall ? Might just be a really bad flu, or a botched tattoo removal. Possibly a short spell in detox, catholic retreat or state mental hospital.

8 Legal troubles
It´s court dates and lawyers and a sickening feeling that this might spiral out of control.
A tax evasion charge or a contested will, or proving that you were´nt the driver that night.

9 Angry!
The fuckers, how could they ! Something infuriating, intolerably insulting has happened.
One way or another, someone is going to pay, no matter what it takes.

0 Disaster
This is going to take years to recover from. A house fire, or a severe health problem that wiped out the NPC´s savings, or a bankrupcy that cost him his job and back pay.

Lose dice table II

1 Bitter
Something that happened a long ago preys on this characters´ mind. A bad love affair, a business deal or job, any sort of road not taken he constantly, frustratedly speculates on.

2 Unhealthy fascination
It might be directed towards almost anything; a friend, a celebrity, a disease or a religion- but it has come to be a focal symbol of this NPCs confused emotional yearning.

3 Living a lie
This NPC is nervewrackingly struggling to keep up a false front. It can be a fake diploma or claiming he´s in AA now. Or just good old “I´m rich, i just don´t flaunt it”.

4 Finally content !
One of the lucky ones, this NPC feels truly content with life, and even if it is a life of struggle and strife, he/ she wouldn´t change it for anything.

5 Trying to be noticed.
Life could be great if people would only recognize his/ her great accomplishments, personality, art or whatever. After all, once noticed, great things must surely follow?

6 Friend in trouble
Somebody very close to this NPC is in heaps big trouble. It might be health or money or even criminal charges. But the character is desperate to find a way to help.

7 Somebodys axeman
The Powers That Be wants someone out, but don´t want to do it themselves because it makes them look bad, or because the target might hit back. So they´ve deputized the PC..

8 Fish out of water
How do they do this ? The NPC flounders, confused, in a new setting or life stage, exasperated by intricate, unfamiliar rules, not entirely sure things will ever grow clearer.

9 Local fame
Something happened recently which got the PC noticed. Anything from a bout of heroism to suspected thievery, really, or just an embarrasing incident in front of the whole school.

0 Heading for the exit…
The NPC wants to get out of something that just isn´t socially acceptable to bail on.
A wedding? Jury duty or tour of duty, or testifying against “Icepick” Bonanno ?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:29 pm 
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Cool, very cool. I'm off to cross-post this.


You like stories? I got stories.

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Very neat! Thanks for the hard work--- a great idea, and implemented well.

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That is pretty sweet.


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